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Chickie's visit to SRVHChickie's bladder stoneWe adopted a little rescue dog about five years ago.  We live in Chicago and have a cottage in Slippery Rock.  We took Chickie to the Vet in Chicago and noticed she was still hurting after the visit.  When at the cottage we took her to the Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital and they found she was missing numerous shots and had a double set of teeth; which if left alone would have caused major issues.  They got her all in shape and we take Chickie only here ever since.  They have gone "Way Above and Beyond" to keep Chickie in perfect health!!  From some joint issues to a stone inside her she always comes home As Good As New!!  Dr. Suorsa and the entire staff are KIND, COMPASSIONATE, PROFESSIONAL AND FRIENDLY.  They are GREAT and Chickie is totally comfortable here which says a Lot.  Thank you ALL for such wonderful care you provide to our "Little Girl" !!!!! Dave and Chickie

We just want to say thank you to the doctor and his wonderful staff. From the moment I called yesterday morning, until I walked out the door after Mia's appt, my husband and I were very happy with your Vet Hospital.  I was even talking about it last night to my other family members.  I don't even know where to begin to say all the good things that we liked..the one most important thing was how friendly the staff was and how much time the doctor took with us in understanding what was going on with it..will highly recommend your office to more people. .....thank you again and will be seeing you soon for a follow-up.

Dawn Bojanac

Pic of Mia at her finest...she loves playing frisbee! 

For nearly 22 years we have taken all our furbabies to the Slippery Rock Vet Clinic.  We take in strays so we have had a great assortment of little ones w/myriads of health problems--from renal failure, insulin dependent diabetes, brain tumors, bladder cancer, hypertension.......I could go on & on.   As a former nurse, I consider Dr. Dan & all his wonderful & compassionate staff to be on the cutting edge.  I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done & continue to do for our little fur family. Kudos to you all & many many heartfelt thanks!  Truly this clinic is the best of the best!  Again -- I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!    

Terry Smail 

Thank you for the great annual check-up, yesterday, at Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital! 

I would like to share with you one of my photos!

Sue Casper


We moved to this area just over 1 year ago bringing our family of 2 cats, little did we know that we would be adopting 2 abandoned ones within a year. Nor did we know about all the strays that came with the home. The staff here at SRVH are the best I have ever encounter, patient, gentle and caring for all of my pets, the strays and myself. Love ya guys!!! You are my top recommendation!

Becky Jackman


"Coco" "Marblz" "Jasper" "Chance"

I have had animals for most of my 62 years.  I have known a lot of Veterinarians.  While they were all caring, compassionate and professional, my experiences with your hospital and the people in it transcend mere words of praise.  Until yesterday, I had never felt the need to terminate the life of one of my pets.  Some have died of natural causes, but never by my will.  It wasn't easy.  Dr. Suorsa's attention and compassion were quite helpful.  No, again words fail.  That wasn't adequate, but I can't find adequate words just now. 

So, thank you all.  


Joe Young

Awesome service.  Everyone is so nice and really cares for the animals!

I highly recommend this vet to everyone!


Jessica Bures


I am very satisfied with the care my dogs have been given by Dr. Suorsa and by the techs that work there. I had previously moved up here and I had seen a few vets in the area prior to coming here. Dr. Suorsa listens to you and what you want for your animal and does not look down on me as if I was unknowledgeable. I appreciate that! I have never felt rushed out and phone calls always returned along with the fact I have always been able to get an appointment last minute when needed. Pretty good reasons to return


Lisa Duvall 


The fact that I've known Dr. Daniel Suorsa since Nursery School is not why I continue to take my LuLu (Yorkshire Terrier) to the Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital. I take her there because the ENTIRE staff knows LuLu by name, cares about her, loves her and are certain to give her the best year-round, professional care possible..which is exactly what I want for my little sweetie. LuLu is not a number, she is a VIP! I receive reminders in the mail when it is time for her check-ups and appointments (thank schedule is always crazy and I'd never remember!!). They trim her nails whenever I call or just bring her in (I tried cutting them once...never again!) From the beginning, when LuLu was just a baby and the size of a Coke can, they guided and educated me on all the proper care and important things to know and do in order to maintain LuLu's good health. Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital is the only place for my LuLu...and she agrees! I am extremely pleased with and appreciate the entire staff and highly recommend their services... if you are looking for fantastic, compassionate, life long care for your pet(s)!


 Sonya Lenz,


I would just like to thank Dr.Suorsa and staff for the exceptional care of my 14 1/2 year old yellow lab, Taylor! I had taken her to two other vets in the area. She was always scared to go in. She hated to go to the Dr.s. But somehow you and your friendly staff broke her. The little time she had spent at your office, I could barely get her out. She liked going to the Dr.s. She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten! Thanks so much for everything!


Ellie Sims


Please express my sincerest thanks to the Doctor and the staff for the many years of quality care given to Milo.  If Milo could talk, he would tell you how much he LOVED coming to the office and seeing all of his friends.  My heart is full and my words have run out.



 Dawn Smith

3 Amigos

"Milo" (center) 




I just want to say that my husband and I were BLOWN AWAY by the service we received yesterday when we took our Brittany pup, Nessie, there for the first time. First of all, your facility is gorgeous and cozy. Your staff is beyond helpful and so knowledgable. Christina didn't need to spend that extra time with us, educating and giving training tips, but she did. We felt like we left there knowing more than we were ever previously told...from puppies in general, to breed standards, to how to handle some rough behavior issues. The level of care for Nessie's poor ear infection was thorough and outstanding as well. We felt confident that we knew exactly what to do at home to treat her, and all of the literature that was supplied only reinforced our confidence. Lastly, the puppy package we received was such a thoughtful gesture, and Nessie just loves her new toy. When we got home we looked at each other and just said "WOW. That place was incredible." We are SO PLEASED in our decision to switch vets, and I'm pretty sure we won't ever need to switch again!! Thank you all again, so much! (and sorry our little Nessie monster bit a few of you! We're really trying to work on that!)  


Jennifer Peters and "Nessie"

From the moment we stepped into the office we felt like we were home with family!! Dr. Suorsa and staff were fantastic with our dog "Mia". So considerate of her needs and at the same time bringing a calmness to me. Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital is ABOVE and BEYOND!! I highly recommend this practice !! You all are WONDERFUL!!!


Dawna Kelderhouse